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Dealing with “Shelter in Place”

(Update – 5/25/2020)

Our showroom is now fully open for business. However, we have modified procedures still in place, to review please see our Site Protection Plan. Please call ahead if you have any concerns or would like to set an appointment. For supplies please purchase on our website or via phone and they will be available for no-contact pickup. Our hours have also returned to: 10:30-5:30 Mon-Sat.

We are closely monitoring the recommendations from Humboldt Department of Public Health and Human Services, and will adjust accordingly. 

(Update – 4/17/2020)

Please do NOT stop by the store to shop for a new hot tub, we are only selling supplies related to sanitation of water: Hot tub water and house water filtration. 
If you want to shop for a new hot tub, please use the website (has chat), a phone call, or email.

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Why are we remaining open?

After reviewing the official Order from the county we will remain open. The section of the order that explains our decision is section 9, subsection xvi. It states exceptions for:

“Businesses that supply products which would enhance the quality of life of members of our community while sheltering in place; for such quality of life items, they may be sold only to the extent that they are purchased in a way that prevents handling by the customer prior to purchase, such as for curbside pick-up.”

After consulting many customers, our staff, and our attorney we decided that the hot tub qualifies as a quality of life household item. With many clients staying home with their families the hot tub acts as a stress reducing experience that can be shared with the entire household. In addition, an improperly sanitized hot tub presents a medical danger since there are infections that can result from a lack of sanitizer such as chlorine, thus potentially putting more stress on the medical system. Pure Water Spas also sells home water filtration supplies that some customers need to provide safe, clean drinking water to their homes.

What are we doing different?

We will be modifying our store and shopping experience in an effort to comply with the Humboldt County Shelter In Place Order issued on 3/19/20.

We are asking customers follow the these guidelines:

  • Please call ahead your order, we can process cards over the phone and will have your order ready for “curbside” pickup when you arrive.
  • Attempt to limit the household members entering the store to 1 , please leave children in the car if you are able to.
  • No touching of products before purchase, tell us what you need and we will get it for you.
  • Please maintain a 6 foot distance from all employees, and we will do the same.
  • Hours will be shortened to 10:30am – 4:00pm.
  • Rest assured we are disinfecting all common surfaces after each visitor.
  • If you are in the market for a new hot tub, we can do online or voice consultations by appointment.


We hope that our current situation ends quickly with a favorable outcome. Please be respectful of yourself and others.

We love you Humboldt.

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