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One time cleaning
$ 250 One time charge
  • drain, clean & fill


3 water changes
$ 200 Per visit
  • 3 visits per year
  • 3 drain, clean & fill


Monthly visit
$ 125 Per visit
  • 12 visits per year
  • 3 drain, clean & fill
  • 9 chemical balance
  • 9 filter rinse


Bimonthly visit
$ 75 Per visit
  • 26 visits per year
  • 3 drain, clean & fill
  • 23 chemical balance
  • 9 filter rinse


Currently only servicing the area between Trinidad to Rio Dell, east to Blue Lake.

Homeowner will be required to purchase a second set of filters unless they already own two sets of filters.

drain, clean & fill” service includes: Hot tub drained & cleaned. Cover & cabinet cleaned and protected with 303. Water refilled & chemicals balanced. Filters will be deep cleaned & stored at Pure Water Spas (n/a for single visit plan). We use our own chemicals for this process. 

chemical balance” service includes: Hot tub water tested & balanced. A shock dose of MPS will also be added.

filter rinse” service includes: Hot tub filter is removed & rinsed out.

All plans include: recommended silver cartridges x3. ($90 value), recommended disposable filters x3 ($45 value, when applicable).

Clients also receive a 10% discount on specific replacement supplies: Filters, UV bulbs & chemicals.

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